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Bikes Direct, good or bad

Bikes Direct: Good or Bad?

If you don’t mind assembling your bike after purchasing it, Bikes Direct offers a factory-direct option to save consumers some money. Even if you need to take your new bicycle to your local bike shop (LBS) for this work, you’ll still get underneath the cost profile of what a local dealer offers.

Although some cyclists might think less of you because you’ve worked with Bikes Direct, the tradeoff is that you get more product for your money. If you buy a bicycle from this website, you’ll want to review the welds on the frame carefully since they aren’t always as comprehensive.

Some cyclists say the frames aren’t as nice as what you’ll get from a local dealer, but that point is subjective. As long as the build quality, size, and weight meet your expectations, not much else matters.

Local stores often offer 6-12 months of free labor if you purchase from them. You won’t get that from Bikes Direct, but there’s usually a lot more good than bad to consider when shopping at this site.

Bikes Direct: Good or Bad?

Dr. Mike Spratt founded Bikes Direct over 20 years ago to help consumers save money when they wanted to purchase a high-grade bicycle. This store is the typical model of high-volume, low-cost direct sales that help cyclists build their dream bike without spending a fortune to do it.

What makes Bikes Direct a good spot on the Internet to shop for a bicycle is that you’ve got instant access to almost everything you need. There’s an excellent selection of high-grade frames, parts, and components that can help you find replacement items or a brand-new ride.

You’ll find a comprehensive warranty is available with your purchase. Although it doesn’t cover wear and tear issues, such as bearings, tubes, tires, wires, chains, decals, stripped threads, and similar problems, you have some protection against defaults in the manufacturing craftsmanship.

The one thing I wished was included with the Bikes Direct guarantee was cosmetic issues. You can purchase a brand-new bike, have it get damaged in shipping, and your only option is to refuse delivery.

Bikes Direct is an authorized dealer for every bicycle they sell. The manufacturer handles all claims after 30 days, which means you might need to submit the entire bike for an inspection to ensure it meets the published coverage standards.

Pros and Cons of Shopping with Bikes Direct

Before you decide to purchase a bike with Bikes Direct, you’ll want to consider the various pros and cons of working with this vendor.

Although the prices seem like they’re some of the best in the industry today by eliminating the middlemen, the frame designs are also a little outdated with some brands.

◼️ What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping with Bikes Direct?

List of the Pros of Bikes DirectList of the Cons of Bikes Direct
• You can save up to 60% off the original manufacturer’s MSRP when shopping with Bikes Direct, especially when you work with some of today’s top brands.
• Customers can use PayPal Credit for their transactions, allowing them to pay over time while having purchasing guarantees if the bike isn’t as described.
• The company is a business that wants repetitive transactions and positive referrals.
• They stand behind the products and offer the chance to create a pro build at an affordable price.
• It is more convenient to shop online for a new bicycle than going to several different stores in your community.
• You have access to more choices than you would with a local retailer or specialty shop.
• The full-price information on some of the listings is outdated.
• Although the MSRP might have been accurate when the product reached the market, it isn’t that way now.
• Although you can find Shimano brakes and other name-brand parts, the actual bicycles tend to be off-brand models.
• The top-rated bikes on the platform only sell for about 8% less than the MSRP instead of the 60% advertised as a general announcement on the site.
• You might need to work on the bicycle after receiving it to ensure that it meets your needs.
• It isn’t always possible to know the fit of your bike until you get it home when using a direct retailer like Bikes Direct.

It helps to see a bicycle in person whenever possible. Whether you buy a top brand like Trek or use something less prominent, a poor fit means you’ve got a terrible bike.

That’s why it is often helpful to work with local shops or online stores that provide direct measurements for the bicycle. You can compare that information to what you know about your body to get something that meets your needs.

Do I Need to Assemble My Own Bike?

If you shop with Bikes Direct, you will be assembling some of the components once you receive the bicycle. It’s the same process you’ll face whenever you purchase a bike online at any store.

The bike comes in a shipper-friendly box that you’ll need to unpack. With most purchases, about 90% of the work is already finished.

You might need to attach the handlebars, stem, and pedals to the frame. Some models require you to route the cables. It usually takes about an hour to finish the work.

If you’re familiar with the process of assembling bikes from previous purchases, you could probably cut that time in half.

What About the Off-Brand Names on the Bikes?

Although you’re not purchasing a brand-name frame at Bikes Direct in most circumstances, you’re buying a product that was made by Kinesis. This company is responsible for the majority of the products that you’ll find on this website.

Kinesis is also responsible for building the frames for many of today’s biggest bicycle brands, including GT and Fuji. Some customers even report that they received a manual booklet for their new bike that represented the name brand instead of the off-brand moniker.

That means you’re working with the same manufacturer that uses a similar process for constructing frames and parts.

The only thing that doesn’t stand up is the suspension frames, which are typically at least one generation (and often two) behind what you’ll find at local dealers or other online stores.

If you’re interested in a new bike, the question to ask yourself is whether you’re willing to get a new bicycle without taking it for a test ride first.

Alternative Bicycles to Consider Purchasing Today

If you prefer to shop for a name-brand bicycle, you’ll find several options available online that aren’t available through Bikes Direct. Although you might pay a little more for some of these options, the guarantees tend to be a bit better.

1. ECOTRIC Electric 26-inch Bicycle

This bicycle achieves a maximum speed of 203 mph with pure electric power mileage. Although it’s a little heavy at 58 pounds, the 500-watt brushless rear motor gives you an excellent assist while managing errands or navigating a difficult trail.

Its anti-skid tire adapts to almost any conditions, including snow, while the seven-speed system offers enough versatility to handle whatever comes your way.

2. Schwinn Hybrid Network 3

This bicycle delivers a smooth ride for the average adult with its hybrid frame and suspension fork design. It offers a 21-speed shifter with a rear derailleur that provides precise changes as the road conditions demand.

A linear-pull brake gives you lots of stopping power, while the ergonomic grips and spring saddle make it a comfortable experience. Your purchase comes with the brand’s limited lifetime warranty.

3. sixthreezero Electric Bicycle

If you like the idea of riding a cruiser bike, this affordable option should be the first bicycle on your list. It offers 26-inch wheels, a classic women’s design, and one of the most comfortable rides you can imagine.

There’s a storage rack over the back wheel to ensure you can carry what you need to the beach or grab some groceries for the evening. It uses a 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur, similar to what you’ll find on Bikes Direct, with oversized tires that feature waffle treading.

Is It Better to Shop with Bikes Direct for a New Bicycle?

Bikes Direct is a good place for people who know what they want with their bicycle. Your purchase requires some assembly, but you’ll get the components you need at a price that’s often 40% less than your LBS. If this is your first bicycle, it might be better to shop in person for what you want.

Any bicycle you purchase online requires some assembly. Even if you are buying a bike at Walmart or another retailer, you must take it home or have someone at the store tackle this work.

The difference between Bikes Direct and online purchases from other stores is that the latter often ships the tools needed for assembly. If you need a pro-quality build, it’s up to you to have the items at home to complete the work. That’s why heading to your local bike shop is still an option, even if it costs a little more. 

That’s why Bikes Direct is generally a good place to shop for a bicycle. You’ll get high-quality components at affordable prices.


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