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Should You Choose Phytonic Blue?

Should You Choose Phytonic Blue?

BMW offers several classic paint finishes for its various models. Whether you drive a sporty M series or take the family out for the day in an SUV, the color availability sways the perspective of the driving experience.

Almost everyone has a favorite color, so the tone and hue of a vehicle significantly influence the shopping decisions of car buyers.

BMW provides a wide range of specific finishes that bring out the character and drive of each design. One of the most popular choices across the entire spectrum of the automaker’s lineup is Phytonic Blue.

Should You Choose Phytonic Blue?

Phytonic Blue is a color choice offered by BMW for several models. It stands in sharp contrast to the gray, black, and white vehicles that typically dominate this road for the automaker. The color has different shading profiles based on the lighting, offering a translucent effect that most drivers love.

What makes Phytonic Blue unique as a color is that it looks very different in the sun compared to the shade.

When you see it in direct sunshine, you’ll receive a deep blue hue that is reminiscent of tanzanite. You can catch sparkles here and there from the metallic infusion BMW uses with this paint to give it depth and character.

Once the vehicle is in the shade, it turns closer to a navy color. Once you have that darker shift, it’s almost impossible to be laid back with your maintenance routine. You’ll lose the dramatic visual effects when the exterior gets dirty and stays that way.

The color-shifting metallic paint is a signature color from BMW, similar to its carbon black.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Blue BMW?

Blue vehicles aren’t as popular as black, silver, or white. It’s still one of the best choices you can make when you’re looking for a BMW to drive!

If you’re thinking about Phytonic Blue for your next vehicle, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to consider when rolling with this option.

List of the Pros of Phytonic BlueList of the Cons of Phytonic Blue
Phytonic Blue does an excellent job of hiding dirt and dust when compared to darker colors.
You can still see it when the vehicle is parked in the shade, but it won’t highlight mud splatters or dust as much.
It is easier to spot swirl marks and scratches in Phytonic Blue than on other BMW color choices.
That includes dents and chips that develop with regular driving habits, reducing the shine it delivers as time passes.
The resale value of vehicles with Phytonic Blue tends to hit the median price for each make and model.
It tends to do better on sporty BMWs that aren’t meant for taking the family on trips or running errands.
There is an increased risk of having Phytonic Blue paint fade in direct sunlight more than other colors.
It’s not as bad as the red options from BMW, but it can be noticeable as time passes.
It adds a glossy look to the exterior that delivers more sparkle and shine than other colors.
When proper maintenance is given to the paint and topcoat, it can maintain its color-shifting appearance in the sun or shade for a long time.
You’ll need to work with BMW to do your color matching since Phytonic Blue is the automaker’s proprietary product.
You must use an OEM-rated item, which limits your chances of saving a little cash if repairs become necessary.

An issue that doesn’t always get talked about is how the Phytonic Blue color is seen at night. Darker blue shading is harder for other drivers to see.

That makes them 7% more likely to be involved in a collision compared to white BMWs.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Shine with a Phytonic Blue BMW

When you’ve got a Phytonic Blue sitting in your driveway, the sight feels wonderful. You know that it’ll be a fun time getting behind the wheel to take a drive.

Although the paint never looks quite as good once you take it off the showroom floor, you can take proactive steps to prevent the color from fading as time passes.

Keeping that shine you love is a relatively straightforward process if you can stick to your routine.

Here are the tips to follow so that your Phytonic Blue BMW keeps looking great.

1. Wash the Vehicle Regularly

We live in a highly acidic environment. Everything from bird droppings to insect residue can adversely impact the quality of your exterior paint.

Anything acidic needs to be cleaned away in less than 24 hours to minimize damage risks.

That means you’ll want to run your BMW through an automatic car wash at least weekly. Plan for handwashing and detailing work about once or twice per month.

If you can fit two car washes in per week, you’ll see even better results.

When driving across town to get to the car wash isn’t practical, I highly recommend investing in a power washer to use at home.

The Westinghouse WPX3200 is a gas-powered behemoth that delivers consistent results while only using 2.5 gallons per minute.

You receive five nozzles to have the right contact with the vehicle’s surface while getting a tool that helps to clean around the house.

2. Clean the Vehicle the Right Way

When you start cleaning your Phytonic Blue BMW by hand, it’s important to know how to do the work correctly. The best place to work is in the shade with soft water.

If you only have hard water, the minerals can leave spots on the paint’s surface when the water evaporates.

Some people recommend using dish soap, laundry detergent, or household cleaners, but these products can strip away the finish. Only use products meant for automotive cleaning to restore the shine to your BMW.

It helps to have lots of microfiber towels available for washing and drying. This material is gentler on the finish than cotton or terrycloth.

Please remember to keep them separate from other laundry items when washing them, use hot water, and skip the fabric softener.

I love using the FIXSMITH microfiber cleaning cloths. They come in three colors, so I keep one for washing, another for drying, and the third for after-care needs. The towels are non-abrasive, highly absorbent, and won’t leave lint behind.

3. Use a Clay Bar

Cleaning your BMW might be a straightforward process, but you might be tempted to take a few shortcuts if you’re short on time. Don’t do it.

Once the Phytonic Blue exterior is thoroughly washed and adequately dried, lightly sweep your hand across each surface.

You’ll start feeling small bumps in the paint. Those areas indicate where contaminants exist.

A mild abrasive treats these areas successfully as part of the handwashing process. I prefer to use the Mothers California Gold Clay Bar system for this work. It removes embedded grains successfully while having more pliability.

It’s safe to use on all paint types, providing clarity and depth while letting the surface feel smooth to the touch.

4. Wax and Polish

Once you reach this stage, it’s time to add more luster to the Phytonic Blue exterior. Polishing doesn’t safeguard the paint, but it will create a beautiful shine that delivers results you can protect with high-quality wax.

Instead of purchasing everything separately, I’ve invested in the Complete Car Care Kit from Meguiar. It provides everything you need to bring out the best details of your BMW, including the Gold Class Carnauba Plus liquid wax.

It delivers a beautiful reflective surface while offering long-lasting protection against the environmental contaminants you encounter out there.

I try to wax my vehicle about once every quarter. I might do it twice in the summer if we’ve taken a few road trips.

Use small, circular strokes to apply the polish and wax. I prefer liquids, but pastes are also acceptable. If you’ve recently purchased the vehicle, a spray-on product is also beneficial.

If you go through the automatic car wash, it helps to include the waxing add-on to avoid more weekly maintenance work.

Is Phytonic Blue BMW’s Best Color?

If you love blue, BMW’s Phytonic Blue is an excellent color choice for your next vehicle. It offers the depth and shine you love while providing the metallic sparkle that sets automotive paint apart from other applications.

When I saw Phytonic Blue online for the first time, I was less than impressed. Even with some expert photography work, you couldn’t see much color variation.

After I saw a vehicle with this color scheme at my local dealership, I fell in love with it instantly. The clarity and depth were unlike anything else I could remember seeing.

That’s the color I chose when it was time to upgrade my wheels. I bought a BMW specifically for that Phytonic Blue paint, and the compliments I get because of it are frequent and adoring.

If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. That’s why I spend some extra time working the exterior whenever I wash it at home. 


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