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Slammed BMW E9x

Slammed BMW E9x

Slamming your BMW E9x might make it look cool, but it also creates potential problems for those times when you want to take a drive.

Scraping your car can do more than create embarrassment. It could disable the vehicle or get you in trouble with the law. If damage occurs, you could be on the hook for some costly repairs.

Even with these issues, the slammed look has taken off in recent years globally. If you’re thinking about taking this step with your BMW, this guide is for you!

Slammed E9x

Custom car shows feature slammed cars more now than ever. This modification places the vehicle on its wheels with a closed stance that causes it to sit just inches off the ground. These changes often make the car undrivable. A popular BMW model seen at shows is the E9.

It’s one thing to lower a vehicle. It’s another to slam it to the ground.

Several methods allow for slamming, although the most popular option for an E9 and other makes and models is to lower the springs. Others use bags that let the vehicle raise and lower by pressing a button or issuing a command.

Slamming a car can improve its visual appeal, but it could ruin the resale value. It can cause other problems that are worth considering before proceeding with this modification.

What Are the Benefits of a Slammed E9x?

When you decide to slam your car, it can provide some advantages that are worth considering. The primary benefit is that you’re lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity, making it less prone to a rollover incident. That’s why high-performance vehicles sit lower than a standard passenger car.

Some collectors prefer the slammed look when shopping for their next addition. If you encounter someone in that situation, you might get a little more in the transaction than you would with a standard setup.

You’re going to get more attention with a slammed vehicle than one with less lowering. When you’re at a car show, that benefit equates to more visitors. It’s a way to make a name for yourself as a modder.

There is also the personal satisfaction of achieving a look you love.

Activities You Can’t Do While Driving a Slammed Car

Once you’ve slammed your E9x, you’ll find that some activities aren’t available to you when getting behind the wheel.

Here’s a closer look at what to expect after completing this modification.

1. Don’t Drive Up Hills

When your car can scrape with the bet out there, any incline is your enemy. The definition of the word “hill” changes with this mod.

Even a slight uphill driveway is enough to grind the undercarriage. You can forget about car parks, corners with height variation, or any street with installed speed bumps.

Even if you go slow, the grind on an incline can severely damage your E9x in multiple ways. It’s not worth the risk.

2. Drive Residential Streets

Most residential streets have speed bumps installed to keep drivers true to the posted limit. If you encounter this obstacle in a slammed car, you might as well turn around. There’s a real possibility that the E9x could get stuck on top of the raised surface.

The issue that gets most drivers in a slammed car in trouble is the street crowning that happens on residential roads.

There’s a slight incline from the curb to the middle. That angle is enough to grind the car.

3. Avoid Straight Lines

Angles are now your friend if you’ve slammed your car. If you cannot avoid an incline, you’ll need to create your own switchback route to navigate the area correctly.

This technique can help you deal with the transitions from streets to driveways and parking lots, but it won’t solve every situation.

If there is a significant incline, your bumper will impact the road’s surface before the angle can provide any benefits.

4. Park in Poor Weather Conditions

When it starts raining, the road appears to get smooth. That’s because the water hides the imperfections that you’d normally see.

A puddle might seem harmless, but it could be a pothole waiting to destroy your slammed E9x.

Bad weather causes more debris to appear in the roadway that could get stuck underneath your vehicle.

It’s not just twigs and branches that could cause trouble. When you only have inches of clearance, many items could cause irreparable damage.

5. Fast Speeds

The top speed for a slammed car is about 30 miles per hour. Even that figure is pushing it for some designs.

You’ll scrape everything when you’re inches above the ground. Any impacts that happen during that time can send a bounce that makes your back hurt like crazy.

6. Traveling Alone

In a word – don’t. When you’re in a car community, everyone sticks together. Whether you’re driving to a show or enjoying a day out, having someone by your side makes the day better.

It also lets you have helping hands available if something happens to your ride.

And a bonus thought: keep some wood planks available so you can get around difficult places if you’re touring with your slammed E9x. It’ll prevent you from getting stuck.

Is It Legal to Slam My E9x?

Florida is more lenient than most other states because they don’t have the same regular inspections as others. That means you can lower your E9x without as much worry as a state that requires annual or biannual reviews of your setup.

Some states issue engineering certificates that require raising the vehicle if it is lowered too much.

Most jurisdictions issue a ticket, warning, or fine when the car is considered unsafe to drive on local streets or at posted speeds.

When you have the option to raise or lower your vehicle on command, you won’t have to worry about this issue much.

You can drive to the car show, drop your vehicle to its slammed look, and raise it when you’re ready to leave.

If you change the stance to create the slammed look, you can trailer the vehicle to the car show without worrying about getting pulled over for the modification.

Why Is It Illegal to Drive Slammed Cars?

Although it isn’t illegal everywhere to drive a slammed car, the jurisdictions that outlawed this practice focus on the height between the road and the vehicle’s underside. When only inches are between the vehicle and the ground, it could be physically impossible to navigate some inclines or travel over speed bumps.

You’re running the risk of grinding parts on concrete with the slammed look, which could trigger the need for repairs. It is possible to disable an E9x in this state under the right conditions.

Slamming increases the risk of body panel damage, front bumper removal, and undercarriage scraping.

What Are Bags on a Car?

A bagged car is one that uses an air suspension. This feature allows drivers to completely adjust their riding height at any time. It creates the slammed look safely, provides better fender-to-lip fitment, or delivers perfect wheel fitment.

Although some drivers prefer a static E9x, I lean toward using bags for the slammed look. It’s much easier and safer to accomplish the desired visual aesthetics while providing more options to use while behind the wheel.

Is it an easy way out? Some critics might think so, but evolution is often better than traditionalism in the modding world. You can adjust the ride height while driving, which means a bump in the road is no longer a problem to solve.

One of the best products I’ve seen in recent years is the Air Lift LoadLifter. This suspension kit provides 5,000 pounds of leveling capability to make it easier to achieve a slammed look or make hauling and towing easier to manage.

Almost anyone with basic mechanical knowledge can install this suspension kit. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 60-day guarantee that covers ride satisfaction. You’ll need to choose the option that works for your make and model.

Another option is the Air Lift WirelessONE, which is a compact controller with an LCD display that provides three presets you can define.

A free companion app is available to deliver more controls. It goes directly to the battery, providing a 60-minute installation process.

Slamming culture is only getting started. One of the best vehicles to drive with this mod is the BMW E9x, no matter what design in the series you prefer.

Although there are challenges to consider, the benefits often outweigh the challenges of this unique setup.


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