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What You Need to Know About Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bikes

What You Need to Know About Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bikes

The Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike is an option you can find at Costco stores and some second-hand listings.

It’s a popular choice because you receive some features of a street bicycle and others that feel more like a mountain bike.

This design is not a hybrid in the sense that you have an electrified motor or pedaling assist features to use.

Since it is smaller than a mountain bike, it tends to ride a bit faster. You’ll have better balance and comfort on the road with a wider profile.

It even comes with a Shimano gear set.

What You Need to Know About Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bikes

The Infinity Boss Three hybrid bike comes with mixed reviews. It provides an excellent foundation as a beginner’s bicycle, but it isn’t a true street or mountain bike. Most users find it an appropriate option for riding around the neighborhood, taking paved trails, or light commuting.

Here are the specs to consider when looking at the Infinity Boss Three hybrid bikes.

Frame Size700C x 18-inch Diamond Frame
Frame MaterialMetal Alloy
Front ForkMode 700c Steel Rigid Blade Fork
Drive TrainShimano 7-Speed
ShiftersShimano Revo Twist Shifter Rear 7-Speed
Front DerailleurNone included with this design
Rear DerailleurRD-TX-300 6/7-Speed W/O Bracket
Free WheelShimano TZ21 14-28T
Chain RingsGTS21 170mm 36T 1/2 x 3/32″ Arms Silver No Logo
BrakesYake Mechanical Dual Disc Brakes for the Front and Rear
Brake LeversAlloy Brake Levers for disc brakes
ComponentsHybrid Sports-Fit Unisex (Upper frame reminiscent of a men’s bike)
SaddleVD842E-01 with silver sides and the Vader logo
Seat PostSP-005 27.2 x 350mm NO Infinity logo
PedalsMX-606, 9/160-inch, Steel Axle Reflector with Ball Bearings
Handle BarsYL-811 Steel 620mm; 30 Degrees
RimsZLA-021 700Cx1.5 13Gx36H Black A/V Double wall 1.7mm with size decal
TiresInnova I2209 700 x 38c City Tire A/V Innova Tubes
Front HubSF-A210F 13Gx36H 3/8″(S45C)X135x 155mm QR
Rear HubSF-A210R 13Gx36H 3/8″(S45C)X135x 170mm
Spokes13-Gauge Steel

If you need a bicycle that isn’t horrible and gets most of its use on streets or sidewalks, the Infinity Boss Three hybrid bike delivers a positive outcome.

Its quality is comparable to the bicycles found in other discount settings at local department stores or bicycle shops.

The Problem with a Budget-Friendly Bike

The issue with most budget-friendly bikes involves the ongoing costs you’ll pay to maintain the bicycle. A lower price often means the components are of low quality, harder to replace, and easier to break.

It might not even be possible to find the replacement parts for some cheap bikes.

Although riding the Infinity Boss Three hybrid bike is comfortable, a bit of an increase in your budget can get you something with comparable specs and more durability.

You might pay more now for the bicycle, but you’ll end up paying less to maintain it over the years. If you maintain it properly, it could even last for decades.

The one advantage you do have with the Infinity Boss Three hybrid bike is Costco’s return policy. As time passes, you might notice the seat post drooping, brakes becoming noisy, and poor shifting action.

Alternatives to the Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike Under $750

If you’re willing to spend a little more to pay less later, you’ll find a few bicycles that can deliver a similar riding experience to the Infinity Boss Three hybrid.

Here are the ones that I’ve used over the years with great success. Each one provides specific strengths that could make it the best option for your needs today.

1. Heybike Electric 26-Inch Bicycle

Instead of lugging around a heavy frame, consider investing in this lightweight design. It uses a high-step style commuter option with an electric motor.

You receive a similar Shimano seven-speed setup with a practical LCD display that shows your current speed.

It comes with three user modes. If you prefer to pedal, you can do that. The throttle function lets you ride without using your feet at all. There is also an assistive feature to help you get up a tough hill.

You can travel about 40 miles per charge with the detachable battery equipped. When the 350W brushless motor is working at full speed, you’ll reach up to 20 miles per hour.

2. Schwinn Network 700C Hybrid Bike

This bicycle provides almost the same user experience as the Infinity Boss Three hybrid. It uses an aluminum frame to keep the frame lightweight and durable while providing a comfortable riding experience.

It uses a 21-speed shifter with a rear derailleur to offer fast and precise changes. The swept-back handlebar delivers an upright riding position while using a suspension seat for extra comfort.

Purchasing this bike means you also receive a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own it.

3. Ancheer Aluminum Electric Bike

A higher frame isn’t always suitable for every rider. When you have trouble stepping over a bike to sit comfortably, a step-through model makes more sense. That’s what you’ll receive with this design.

The Ancheer electric bike lets you sit in a similar upright position while providing a six-speed e-bike experience.

It’s perfect for the city when you need to get somewhere quickly while offering a standard pedaling option.

You also receive a cargo area above the rear wheel to make running errands simple and easy. It reaches speeds of 19 miles per hour on its own, with a range of 35 miles.

Double-walled rims provide less drag and more durability, while the comfortable suspension delivers more stability than comparable models.

4. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

When your goal is to have a safe time outside with a supportive bicycle, this trike delivers a similar experience to the Infinity Boss Three hybrid.

It comes with a huge cargo basket in the back for hauling while using a 26-inch wheel and a cruiser look to deliver a comfortable ride. The only primary difference is its single-speed drive train.

The linear-pull brakes deliver a fast stop when needed. The handlebars are wide and upright, allowing most riders to have a balanced ride.

It comes with a step-through design to make it easy to mount and ride. If you don’t want to use the basket, it folds up for convenience. You’ll receive a 5-year limited warranty with this model.

How to Find the Best Bicycle for Me

Whether you opt for the Infinity Boss Three hybrid or a suitable alternative, it’s important to find a bicycle that fits your needs and body type.

The first step is to figure out your preferred bike type. Some people want cruisers, mountain bikes, or street racers.

Determining what you like to ride and what feels comfortable goes a long way toward narrowing your choices.

Then consider the cost and performance of the bike. That’s why the Infinity Boss Three hybrid is a popular choice for many.

It has a lot of the compromises that keep costs down without sacrificing too much performance.

You’ll also need to ensure the bicycle fits your body. Most 26-inch frames are suitable for people between 5’4” and 6’2” today.

Once you reach this point, you can ask yourself where you plan to ride. Here is a sample chart with the basic category choices to review.

Riding SurfacesBicycle Types
Paved bicycle paths, roads, and sidewalksHybrid bikes, electric bicycles, and road bikes
Any type of pavement or natural surfaceElectric or hybrid bikes
All-road riding, including gravel and asphaltTouring or Gravel bikes
Dirt trails and roadsElectric or mountain bikes

Almost any bicycle type can handle regular pavement. Most models are designed to ride on multiple surfaces.

When you can narrow your choice to what your primary plans are for the bicycle, it’ll be easier to find a model that meets your current and future needs.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Bicycle?

Bicycles are more than an investment that saves money on transportation needs. It also provides health benefits with its low-impact exercise when riders pedal. Although some models have a higher upfront cost than others, the burden is relatively small compared to motorized vehicles.

The first bicycle I ever got was a Trek 300. It was a birthday present from my parents to help me manage my paper route.

Although that bicycle was heavy, it was also sturdy and comfortable. It was a mountain bike, so I could ride it on the town’s streets and take the back way home through the farm trails to avoid the highway.

I went everywhere on that bike for a long time. The Infinity Boss Three hybrids remind me of that experience.

If you want an affordable bicycle, the Infinity is a great entry-level option. When you want to reduce the risk of future repairs, one of the alternatives in this guide is another choice to consider.

Either way, you’ll get the chance to experience the joy that comes with riding a bicycle!


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