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Lexus IS250 Engine Oil

Lexus IS250 Engine Oil

The Lexus IS250 is a luxury compact executive car that was originally launched in 1999. The first models made it to the United States in 2000. Those first vehicles used a straight-six engine design with wagon and sedan variants.

The Lexus IS250 C was introduced in 2008, providing a coupe convertible version of this popular design. Its third generation premiered in 2013 with another V6 option.

All IS vehicles received a significant makeover for the 2020 model year. It includes an updated dashboard, larger bodywork, and a revised suspension. The IS25 was stopped as a variant after the 2015 production line, which means it didn’t receive this update.

IS stands for “Intelligent Sport.”

Lexus IS250 Engine Oil

The Lexus IS250 uses 5w-30 oil to ensure the engine runs smoothly. Drivers that choose a synthetic blend tend to see the best results. Its lower viscosity works well in cold temperature regions while offering warm weather support.

When choosing the best oil for the Lexus IS250, the manufacturer’s recommendation of 5w-30 is almost always the right product to use.

Engine oil for vehicles is what blood is to humans. If you use the wrong type, bad things start to happen.

That means choosing an inferior quality or the incorrect weight can lead to unwanted results and potential damage.

When the wrong fluids are coursing through the engine, it can lead to increased friction between the moving parts. The best-case scenario from that outcome is increased wear and tear. If too much heat builds up, the engine block could crack.

That’s why choosing the right Lexus IS250 engine oil is crucial to the success of your driving experience.

Information About Engine Oil Designations

Most vehicles use the American Petroleum Institute (API) standard to classify motor oils based on performance. The options are SL, SM, SN, and SJ.

Other API specifications are available, from SA to SH, but these are considered obsolete. They would be used for older vehicles. The SA type, for example, was stopped in 1930. Anything that uses the SB products falls between 1931 to 1963.

SJ API ratings are meant for vehicles built in 1996 or after.

When you look at the oil types used for the Lexus IS250, older models might drop back to the previous API designation. You could also use the most recent one as both are considered current.

If you use oil products with API designations from 1979 to 1996, the product could still work in some vehicles despite its obsolete classification. Anything before that could cause equipment harm.

Viscosity Oil Grade Reference Chart

When changing the oil in a Lexus IS250, you’ll want to stick with 5w-30 oil under most circumstances. The only exception might be if you live in a more equatorial climate where temperatures rarely drop below freezing.

In that situation, a 10w-30 oil might be appropriate.

Here’s a closer look at why choosing the correct SAE viscosity matters.

SAE Viscosity GradeTemperature Range
0w-30 OilUnder -30°F to over 100°F
5w-30 Oil-30°F to over 100°F
10w-30 Oil-20°F to over 100°F
15w-40 Oil-10°F to over 100°F
20w-50 Oil0°F to over 100°F

As you can see, all engine oil products deliver a protective performance in hot weather or operating temperatures.

It’s when the weather turns cold that the SAE viscosity grade matters because a higher weight leads to a thick, sludgy outcome. It can’t lubricate the engine’s internal part as expected, which increases the risk of friction and heat buildup.

Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil for the Lexus IS250

The Lexus IS250 recommends synthetic oil because it has specific needs that the product adequately meets. When you see the advantages that this type has over conventional motor oil, it’s easy to see why a synthetic 5w-30 is recommended.

  • Synthetic oils resist breaking down with use, allowing the product to last longer than a conventional product.
  • It can withstand higher temperatures, helping the engine to run longer and more efficiently.
  • The oil flows better in cold temperatures, reducing the engine wear and tear that happens during a below-freezing startup.

Those are the benefits that apply to every situation. Synthetic oil can also deliver three additional advantages for drivers who fit into the following situations.

First, a conventional motor oil might not get warm enough to burn off impurities or moisture. When those items remain, it hastens the breakdown process.

Drivers who make frequent short trips might need to make more oil changes if they don’t use a synthetic product.

Secondly, a driver that lives in a region with cold winters and hot summers would need to change their SAE viscosity rating based on the season.

Additional updates might be necessary for hauling heavy materials or towing a fifth wheel. You can use synthetics for each purpose.

And finally, older engines tend to have more sludge buildup than newer models. This residue forms when the oil breaks down.

Synthetics are less likely to create this problem, even for vehicles from the early 2000s that see this issue more often.

What Motor Oil Should I Use in My Lexus IS250?

You can save a lot of money by changing your oil at home. All you need is a way to collect the old product when draining it and tools to replace the filter.

If you drive 12,000 miles per year, you might spend over $500 to get your oil changed at a professional facility. It’s likely more than that at the dealership, unless you have free services included as part of your purchasing arrangement.

A full synthetic is cheaper to purchase at retail than from a service provider. Even high-mileage options for the Lexus IS250 are available at affordable prices.

Here are some of the best options to consider using when you want to start changing the oil in your Lexus IS250.

Please remember that the vehicle has an engine oil capacity of 6.6 to 6.8 quarts, depending on the model year.

1. Valvoline Extended Protection Full Synthetic

This oil provides up to ten times the thermal resistance than industry standards require, preventing it from breaking down if you drive in harsh conditions.

It uses additives that work to prevent sludge while increasing the wear protection it offers. You’ll notice small gains in your fuel economy because energy loss is minimized as friction is kept to a minimum.

It creates the right set of circumstances to help you get the most power out of your engine.

2. Motul Synthetic Engine Oil

With more than a century of experience producing high-quality motor oil, this synthetic lubricant does an excellent job of maintaining your Lexus IS250 engine.

It’s designed to improve performance while meeting the constant demands you place on the vehicle.

Motul uses a combination of AN, esters, mPAOs, and Group III base stocks to create an unmatched consistency for the 5w30 viscosity needed. This effort results in excellent lubricity, lower oil consumption, and less fluid degradation.

3. AC Delco Dexos

If you feel like dipping down to 0w30 oil for your Lexus IS250, this product delivers the results you want.

It meets the highest standards for engine wear protection and the specs for conserving energy under the current auto use standards.

You’ll receive protection from the high-temperature deposits that sometimes develop in older vehicles, reducing the overall wear and tear you get on the engine. It’s an excellent, general-purpose choice.

4. Idemitsu Synthetic Motor Oil

This synthetic product delivers a low viscosity, high-quality result that your Lexus will love. It uses a friction-modifying additive that lets you achieve more efficiency with every drive.

Once you start driving with it, you can see fewer tailpipe emissions and better gas mileage. It offers exceptional protection for drivers who must have their emissions checked frequently.

5. Amazon Basics Full Synthetic

This motor oil comes formulated for longer drain intervals, helping you maximize the mileage you receive between each one.

It works to prevent that buildup that triggers corrosion and rust in your IS250 while reducing wear and tear on the engine.

The item is Dexos approved for Gen-2, and it is manufactured by Warren Distribution. It is a little challenging to determine how much you’ve used since you need a partial quart with the Lexus, but the product is consistently excellent.

6. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic

Using this motor oil for your Lexus IS250 ensures that you receive 40% more protection than the current industry standards.

It resists oil breakdown well while fighting the deposits with included detergents in the ingredient list.

If you drive your Lexus to the point where the engine gets high miles, you’ll find that this product delivers an excellent defense against premature wear and tear.

The benefit of this product gets seen the most when temperatures drop below freezing. You won’t see a difference in the startup or flow once the engine starts. It gives your Lexus all-weather performance options while delivering positive results consistently.

Should I Change the Oil on My Lexus IS250?

Lexus recommends that the oil get changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for the IS250. If synthetic oil gets used, that timeframe extends to 7,500 to 10,000 miles. The filter should be changed to a new one during this service.

The first time I changed my oil, it was a complete disaster. I was 11, and my stepfather wanted to teach me something, and it landed me in the hospital.

When my family bought the house that became our home, my stepdad fell in love with the garage. It was built with a servicing pit, so you could work underneath a car like you were in a shop.

Since it didn’t have any lights, you could crawl in there to avoid chores and be forgotten about if you were in trouble.

He drove his car into the garage, showed me where the oil pan was, and told me to remove the plug. I followed his instructions, but nothing came out.

I took him literally when he said to look in there to see if something was stuck. He meant to use a tool, but I stuck my face in there. That’s when the oil started flowing, and I didn’t get out of the way fast enough.

It took the emergency room about three hours to clean my eye out. My hair smelled like motor oil for the next month.

When it’s time to change the oil in your Lexus IS250, choose a synthetic product. You’ll get more use out of it, whether you have someone do the work for you or you do it yourself.


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