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LX470 vs GX470

LX470 vs. GX470

It isn’t easy to find an SUV that can accommodate a large family. Once you get beyond the magic number of five, the options available to you are severely limited.

If you don’t want to opt for a minivan just yet, Lexus has a potential solution to consider. With their LX and GX SUVs, you get the extra space your family needs while having additional storage options to consider.

The 470 is an excellent place to compare since Lexus makes an LX and a GX version of this vehicle. Here are the similarities and differences you’ll want to know.

LX470 vs. GX470

Lexus offers two popular luxury SUV options for discerning drivers. The LX is where ruggedness meets refinement, whereas the LX delivers luxury with on-road capabilities. Both models share extensive off-road features, but the LX has slightly more power and size to offer.

When looking at the Lexus LX470 vs. GX470, you’ll see numerous similarities that make both SUVs an excellent choice for large families.

Here’s a quick look at the specs that offer some comparison points to evaluate.

Comparison PointLexus LX470 SpecsLexus GX470 Specs
Engine275 HP, 4.7L, 8-cylinder gasoline engine263 HP, 4.7L, 8-cylinder gasoline engine
Size199.25 inches long; 72. 8 inches high188.2 inches long; 74.6 inches high
Interior Color OptionsIvory and Arctic WhiteIvory, Arctic White, and Onyx
Rear Wheel Size18 x 8 inches17 x 7.5 inches
Spare Wheel Size18 x 8 inches17 x 7.5 inches
Front Wheel Size18 x 8 inches17 x 7.5 inches
Net Torque332 @ 3400 RPM323 @ 3400 RPM
Fuel Economy13 Miles Per Gallon15 Miles Per Gallon
Cruising Range431.8 miles437 miles

From a practical standpoint, the Lexus GX470 is slightly better for those long road trips. It gets a bit more from a fuel economy view, which means stopping for gas less often.

Since you’re going more than 400 miles between a fill-up with both, you’ll only be stopping once or twice per day while driving across the country.

Both vehicles deliver exceptional comfort, whether you choose the standard or the premium build.

The common setup for the GX is a manually operated third-row seat. It folds flat into the floor when not being used, which is a similar setup to most SUVs that have seating for at least seven.

You get 64.7 cubic feet of total cargo, which works for most family needs. When you fold the seats down, you’ll get a lot more space to haul everything.

With the LX, you get 81.3 cubic feet of storage, which is a remarkable amount of cargo capacity. When all the seats are up, there’s a fraction of extra room for your passengers to enjoy. It might be enough to prevent your kids from going after each other if they’re feeling bored while you’re driving.

The power-folding third row is a standout feature for the LX. It can stow up and on the side when not in use, which works great for those days when you’re coaching the soccer team or hauling groceries home for the week.

If you don’t need the third row, Lexus offers an LX version that comes without it for an incredible amount of cargo-carrying bliss.

When your goal is to have comfort and luxury, the LX470 will deliver excellent results. If you want something a bit more functional that works hard for you on the road, leaning toward the GX470 makes sense.

What Are the Benefits That Come with Buying a Lexus?

With the LX470 and GX470 offering such a similar driving experience, it’s important to look at the benefits that Lexus brings to the table compared to other brands.

Even though Lexus is known for providing a luxurious driving experience, it is also quite reliable. Most brands are known for one or the other, but not both.

Here are the key points to review if you’re in the market for an LX470 or a GX470 today.

1. Better Technology

A modern Lexus is a high-tech machine that takes the driving experience to another level. Drivers have access to the Lexus app and the option to subscribe to Safety Connection. This feature lets you unlock or lock the vehicle, find it, or start it from your phone.

It allows you to receive navigational assistance from the display and access your preferred apps.

2. Excellent Warranty

When you choose a new Lexus, it comes with a 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty. Whichever threshold happens first is the coverage you receive.

The powertrain warranty is for 70,000 miles or six years, which is one of the best offers in the automotive industry today.

This guarantee covers hybrid systems, drive systems, the engine, and your transmission.

If you want long-term coverage for your vehicle, Lexus has additional options there for you to review.

3. Travel Perks

Did you know that Lexus owners can receive different travel perks? You can find everything from resort credits to room upgrades available across the United States.

My favorite perk that I’ve encountered so far is a resort credit at Pebble Beach. You can enjoy some golf, fall in love with the setting, and save a little cash simultaneously.

Exclusive discounts are part of the package. Depending on where you live, you can get free VIP parking, early ticket access, discounts on products you love, and much more.

4. Impressive Designs

Lexus is known for producing a sleek SUV that fits your lifestyle while delivering superior comfort. If you’ve never been in an LX470 or GX470, you’re missing out on something special.

When you close the doors, you’ll notice the quietness immediately. Even when driving, the sounds from the road are minimized.

Since the kids will be using the entertainment system, you can stay focused on the road. Each element is designed to support a positive experience for everyone.

5. Roadside Assistance

When you purchase a new Lexus, you’ll receive Lexus Roadside Assistance support. It is accessible via the app or calling to get help.

Whether you need to plan a new route or there’s an issue with the vehicle, you won’t be stuck.

Once this membership expires, you go into a similar program from AAA without paying the enrollment fees.

Safety Connect provides additional assistance if you’re involved in an accident. It allows help to come to you by using your GPS location.

Using the LX470 or GX470 for Overlanding

One of the best activities that developed in the United States during the pandemic months was a return to overlanding.

This travel method requires a self-reliant vehicle that takes you to remote destinations. You can back some gear into the back of your Lexus, explore an off-road trail, and not worry about running into anyone.

The vehicle becomes the primary form of lodging with this activity. You can expand it with tents and other setups that give you extra space. In the early 20th century, you could find people taking trips that lasted months, or even years.

Today, overlanding is a great weekend adventure for almost any family.

If you’re interested in taking a trip with an LX470 or GX470, here are some of the essential supplies you’ll need.

1. Portable Power Station

The Anker 521 portable power station delivers six ports and 200W to ensure your necessary electronics stay charged.

This battery pack comes with a five-year warranty, 256Wh capacity, and a car outlet for extra versatility.

Even if you need to run a CPAP machine all night or operate an electric camp stove, this product gets the job done. You can even use it as a nightlight.

2. Overlander XL Roof Tent

The last thing you want while overlanding with a Lexus is to have your tent or sleeping accommodations scratch your paint. That’s why I love this tent. It fits over the entire vehicle!

The material is 600D heavy-duty rip-stop polyester, providing a secure experience that keeps the elements out.

It is waterproof, has mosquito screens built into it, and comes with a 60 mm high-density foam mattress. LED strips provide interior lighting.

Don’t want to put it over your Lexus? You can set up the Smittybilt Overlander XL Tent as a tent trailer option.

3. Survival Tools

Overlanding is fun because it takes you back to your natural roots. That doesn’t mean you need to head out there with nothing but your Lexus to support you!

The Sunkoon Survival Tool Kit lets you pack a shovel, survival ax, hatchet, screwdriver, and other tools to help you enjoy the backcountry or manage unexpected circumstances.

Some of the tools use interchangeable heads, but the products are all made from high-carbon or stainless steel. Several come with protective covers to prevent injuries or damage to your LX470 or GX470.

4. Tire Table

When there is nothing but forest or open fields in front of your Lexus while overlanding, it isn’t easy to have a bite to eat or play some cards.

The TailGater Tire Table fixes that problem without needing any tools. It mounts to the tire of your LX470 or GX470 between the rubber and the fender to give you a secure experience.

The table holds up to 50 pounds, but it only weighs 13 pounds. It comes with a powder-coated finish that stands up to the elements.

Even if the ground conditions are unstable, the adjustable leg provides the extra support you need for a successful experience.

Final Thoughts: LX470 vs. GX470

Lexus provides two excellent luxury experiences with the LX470 and GX470. The off-road capabilities of both vehicles translate well into the winter months when the roads can become slushy or icy. That makes it a safe and fun ride for everyone in the family, even if the LX has slightly more room.

My first encounter with a Lexus occurred when my little Ford Escort GT went into the shop. They gave me an LX470 because it was the only rental left, and my car had been stuck with ongoing repairs for weeks.

I know they didn’t want to give me the loaner. The manager kept me there an extra hour to see if anything else would come back. Nothing did, so off I went in the Lexus.

It was such a smooth ride. We put so many miles on that rental because it was so fun to drive. I seriously considered trying to figure out how to finance it by trading in my hatchback.

When the time was right, we did end up purchasing the GX470. It’s almost the same, and it is just as fun to drive. If you want the full luxury experience, get the LX. For everyone else, the GX will treat you right.


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