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Nissan Connect App Alternatives

Nissan Connect App Alternatives

If you own a Nissan vehicle, the NissanConnect® app lets you be connected to your car, the road, and your community while exploring the world. Today’s vehicles use this intuitive technology to have more control over the driving experience.

When your Nissan vehicle comes equipped with this technology, several advanced features are available for drivers to use.

In addition to NissanConnect Services, drivers can access Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, door-to-door navigation, and much more.

If you’d like to see how NissanConnect functions before purchasing a new vehicle, you can visit any dealership to see how easy it is to you this technology.

It will also let you know if a viable NissanConnect app alternative is a better choice.

Nissan Connect App Alternatives

The NissanConnect Services app allows drivers to access vehicle functions from a smartphone or smartwatch remotely. The features include everything from roadside assistance needs to remote start. You can even lock the car without your keys when using the software.

When you have NissanConnect installed on your mobile device, you have access to hands-free technology that lets you stay in touch with your vehicle. It comes with numerous features and a growing app list that increases its functionality even further.

If you currently own a Nissan vehicle, you can follow these steps to take advantage of these services and features.

  • Register Your Vehicle. You’ll need to visit the appropriate website for your region (North America, Europe, Asia, etc.) and go to the owner’s portal. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is necessary to complete the registration. You’ll be asked to create a password, which will be the same for using the app with your vehicle. Once you’ve finished, activate your in-vehicle app services.
  • Download the App. Once you’ve registered the vehicle, you can download the NissanConnect app on your iOS or Android smartphone. It’s available from the App Store or the Google Play Store. After it is on your device, you can log into the application with the credentials you create.
  • Connect to Your Vehicle. Your smartphone must connect to your Nissan vehicle by USB cable or Bluetooth® technology. The app lets you select several in-vehicle applications under the My Apps button. Press the Info button on NissanConnect, tap the My Apps button, and your available tools become available on the display.
  • Log into the App. When you log in the first time, the NissanConnect app requires you to enter the username and password you created when registering the vehicle.
  • Manage the Mobile Apps. NissanConnect offers a page where you can manage all your complementary apps in one spot. This option includes Pandora, Facebook, Google search, and much more. Each one might request a login to ensure that your personal information hasn’t been compromised.

The NissanConnect app offers a specialized electric vehicle version that lets drivers have more information about their LEAF. It allows access to remote battery charging, Amazon Alexa assistance, and more.

You can also access your SiriusXM services through the app, including Travel Link® so that you can get to where you’re going faster and easier.

◼️ What Do I Get with the NissanConnect App?

When you decide to use the NissanConnect app with your vehicle, you’ll discover that there are three payment tiers from which to choose.

Most new cars provide a free trial period to help you get to know the services and features available. Nissan customers who lease or buy a vehicle equipped with SiriusXM are eligible for a free three-month trial.

You’ll also get three years with the NissanConnect app for integrated audio, navigation, and communication system access through the smartphone.

If the Nissan vehicle comes equipped with the Premium Plus package, that free trial is for six months.

After the trial period, the SiriusXM radio process range from $10.99 to $19.99 per month. The NissanConnect app starts at $11.99 monthly, has a $19.99 premium plan, and the top tier is $24.99 monthly.

What App Alternatives Are Available for Me to Use?

If you don’t want to use the NissanConnect app because it can cost up to $24.99 per month for the Premium Plus service, it helps to look at third-party functionalities to see if an alternative solution exists.

1. Uconnect

This app acts as your personal assistant when your vehicle has access compatibility. It lets you lock your doors remotely, prompts lights flashing, and even sounds the horn. You can use your smartphone for a remote vehicle start, find where your car is parked, and search for points of interest from your mobile device.

Uconnect also provides a drive rating system that provides advice on improving your habits. Not only can that information offers potential insurance discounts, but you can also improve your fuel economy and more. You can enroll at no cost to get your driving score.

This app even includes a vehicle health report to ensure that you’re staying on top of its maintenance needs.


This third-party app is an electric vehicle assistant that lets you check the state of your battery charge or control the air condition in the Nissan Leaf. It’s available for iPhone, iPad, and Android systems.

The catch with this app alternative is that it uses the NissanConnect EV service. You’ll need to have a username and password from one of the region-based servers to use the product.

If you want the app to work through your smartwatch, the compatibility is there yet for that functionality. It takes a straightforward approach to tell you what it is doing, which is something that NissanConnect doesn’t always get right.  

3. Waze

It’s surprising how many people aren’t using this app daily when they’re driving somewhere. It relies on users for information to deliver real-time help, and you’ll discover lots of people use it.

That means you can find faster routes, know when speed traps are in the area, or be careful in construction zones. The levels of detail you can discover are incredible.

Waze offers a carpool finding option that lets you find someone to fill your open seat or get into one yourself.

The app is free to download for everyone, although it requires iOS or Android OS 6 to function correctly. Your mobile device must also have GPS and cellular connectivity. Your provider’s data usage costs get charged to your monthly bill if you don’t have an unlimited plan.


Although you’ll need to purchase a sensor for your vehicle to have this app work, the $59 cost is worth the investment. It’ll let you decipher what the check engine light is communicating to you in real-time. All you do is open the app when the warning light appears, see the cause, and determine the issue’s severity.

That means you don’t need to drive in fear, wondering if the car is going to fall apart around you before getting home.

FIXD also provides information about your make and model’s maintenance needs so that you can stay on top of your services. Although other apps out there are cheaper, you can’t beat the data that this option provides when you’re on the road a lot.

5. PlugShare

If you drive a Nissan Leaf or another electric vehicle, this app is something you need on your smartphone right now. It helps you locate the different charging locations in your area with an entire world of data to access.

When you plan a long-distance drive in your EV, you don’t always know where the next charging station location could be. With this app, you can plot a route so that your battery won’t be running on fumes.

6. Roadtrippers

The recipe for a fantastic road trip is relatively simple. You need some great snacks, a few caffeinated drinks, and the right route to take. Don’t forget about having the right company!

When you drive on a boring road, the journey becomes less important than the destination. That’s why this app is an essential download. It’ll help you locate different scenic points or moments from history to make the experience an incredible memory.

7. Auto Care

Although we all know that owning and operating a vehicle is a responsibility, many drivers don’t give their cars the love they need. When you miss your regular maintenance checkups, the reward is a potentially expensive problem in the months and years to come.

That’s why this app is helpful. It lets you manage the maintenance needs for your make and model, keeping your entire service history available at a tap so that you know what to budget for in the future.

It even lets you chart how much you’re spending on vehicular maintenance to manage your finances more efficiently. The app works with Dropbox to keep everything backed up for safekeeping.

8. AutoMate Car Dashboard

As more states adopt driving laws that equate using a smartphone while driving to being drunk and getting behind the wheel, it is more important than ever to have a hands-free experience. This app helps Android users keep their eyes on the road.

The app offers a dashboard that revolves around your driving experience. You control things with simple gestures or voice commands, putting everything into a single interface that ranges from turn-by-turn directions to the music you want to hear for the trip.

9. Torque Pro

This app lets you understand your vehicle’s performance with greater depth. You’ll receive a digital dashboard that delivers multiple data points, including coolant temperature, RPM revs, and your fuel status. Although it requires a $15 dongle to gather this info, the cost is less than one month of NissanConnect premium or above.

Once you start getting this information, you’ll have a history of its performance through the car’s OBD. That means the data is 100% accurate instead of relying on outside reading factors.

Is the NissanConnect App Worth the Investment?

If you have an upscale Nissan, the NissanConnect® app is a reasonable investment to consider. The interface is good, it provides excellent features, and the hardware offers an above-average result. It might not be the best app in the industry, but it gets the job done for drivers.

I’ve never had a complaint about the NissanConnect app. It tells you upfront what to expect from it and delivers the promised result. Although it takes a little time to learn everything it can do, playing with the system at the dealership while waiting for your credit package to come through helps to fill the time with something productive to do.

When the app isn’t serving your needs, I’ve found a lot of value with some NissanConnect alternatives. These choices have unique strengths and weaknesses to consider, which is why an individualized examination of each one is necessary to understand if it can meet your needs.


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