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Should I Buy This Honda 250SX

Should I Buy a Honda 250SX?

The Honda ATC250SX is a tricycle-style ATV that redefines what it means to have a sport-utility off-road vehicle. It shares the engine with the 250ES Big Red model, which is a legendary model in its own right.

When you see the drive train for the Honda 250SX, you’ll notice it is similar to its Big Red sibling. You can even swap the rear ends from the SX to the ES model or back, although the gearing in the latter is a tiny bit taller.

The 250SX comes with a 22-inch rear tire, while the ES offers a 25-inch wheel.

Before you purchase a Honda 250SX, you’ll want to review the condition of the choke and brake cables. They can develop some corrosion and splitting problems that might affect its safety while driving.

Should I Buy a Honda 250SX?

Honda Sport ATCs produced ATV-style vehicles until 1987. Each model, including the 250SX, was built with performance as the first priority. They were useful for trail riding, racing, and other high-speed activities. The ATC 250SX was introduced in 1985 for running off-road trails.

The 250SX was introduced at the same time Honda brought the 350X to the market. It was available for three model years.

The ATC comes equipped with a stock 246cc four-stroke, air-cooled OHV engine. Since the age of the vehicle approaches 40 years, the models still operating might have a different setup.

Honda let the 250SX manage stoppage by including front and rear drum brakes. It was also the first to include a reverse gear in the brand’s entire lineup.

Although that feature would serve its purpose for many vehicle owners, it also added about 50 extra pounds to the weight of the vehicle.

When the Honda 250SX was first introduced, it almost single-handedly changed the ATV marketplace. It created demand for a three-wheel option.

All models of this trike were built between 1985 to 1987. If you get the chance to own one, you won’t be disappointed by what this low-maintenance vehicle can accomplish. It’s tough, handling almost anything that you’ll find while exploring the outdoors.

Here are the vital specs to consider if you’re looking at the Honda 250SX as a reasonable investment for outdoor fun.

  • 246cc Engine
  • 5-Speed Automatic Transmission (with Reverse)
  • 2.6-Quart Oil Capacity
  • 3.5-Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • Electric Starter with a Kickstart Backup
  • 357-Pound Total Weight

A Honda 250SX in excellent condition today retails for about $3,500 on the secondhand market. That’s about $2,000 less than a Big Red 250ES in a similar condition.

Inexpensive Adjustments to Give the Honda 250SX More Power

The Honda ATC250SX was never built to be a racing machine. You’d want to invest in the 250R instead if that’s your priority.

That fact doesn’t mean you can’t make some tweaks and changes to your new trike while staying within some budgetary expectations.

Here are a few ways you can get more power and performance from the Honda if you decide to buy one when a listing appears.

1. Upgrade your fuel.

Anything that runs on gasoline does a better job performing when a higher octane fuel gets used. Even if Honda doesn’t require it for operations, you’ll burn through less while achieving more with this option. You’ll feel the power difference right away when hitting the throttle.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive fuel at the station for your 250SX. Something in the mid-range, above 90, is usually suitable for a great day outside.

Since the vehicle is approaching 40 years old, it might be time to update the fuel tank to maximize performance. As time passes, debris and foreign material get into the original product, eventually creating blockages that can damage your system. The Clark 11392-02 ATV Tank is a reasonable price that can update your vehicle.

2. Buy lighter wheels or upgrade your tires.

If your Honda 250SX is still using its stock wheels, you can upgrade its performance by investing in something lighter. Anything made from aluminum is a great choice in this category. Depending on the brand you select, the price for this updated look and handling averages about $50 per tire.

The Honda 250SX uses a 22×11-8 tire. You’ll want to think about tread options when shopping for an upgrade, especially since a center tread contact area isn’t always the best choice. The Sahara-type Turf Tire is one of your better choices, especially since you get tread across the entire width of the product.

It’s sometimes easier to purchase the tires and wheels together when updating the 250SX. If that’s the direction you want to take, a set of four Antego Tire and Wheel wheels with a matte black finish is a worthwhile investment to consider.

3. Get some new grips.

When your Honda 250SX has new grips, you’ll get to save your arms and hands from some significant vibration and shock. When you can reduce fatigue while driving a trail, it’s much easier to stay focused on what lies ahead. This update gives you another line of defense while making the experience more enjoyable.

4. Add a slip-on to the vehicle.

When upgrading the 250SX’s exhaust isn’t in your budget, you can always try a slip-on that accomplishes a similar goal. They’re much easier to install, which means your labor costs get cut dramatically. You also get a horsepower boost, a throatier sound, and a price tag of less than $300 in most situations.

The iSTUNT Universal 51mm slip-on is an excellent choice to consider. It’s made from stainless steel, delivering a removable DB Killer that installs quickly without instructions. It’ll make the 250SX sound big without committing to a specific setup. If this size doesn’t match because of previous modifications, iSTUNT offers a 60.5mm alternative.

5. Create a wider stance.

Another way to add stability to your 250SX is to place wheel spacers on the vehicle. This option makes the stance wider, lowering the center of gravity so that you have more safety and comfort. The cornering won’t be as sharp, but the cost can be up to $200 per wheel when you purchase the best stuff out there.

The GAsupply 4×110 ATV wheel spacers deliver a two-inch wider stance once installed correctly. You can increase tire clearance with this option for a more aggressive appearance and driving experience.

When you get everything right with the Honda 250SX, you can hit a top speed of about 55 miles per hour. Although the 200M can go a little faster, the top gear stays at a relatively low RPM. That’s helpful because you’ll see better gas mileage on a longer trail with that design.

6. Change your tire pressure.

Inflating your tires to the correct pressure is one of the best steps you can take to get more stability from your Honda 250SX. If you need new equipment to measure this dynamic, start with the VONDIOR heavy-duty ANSI-certified tire pressure gauge.

That tire gauge offers a two-inch dial that is easy to read under most conditions. Since it doesn’t have a digital display, you don’t need to worry about the batteries running low. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket, which means you get analog accuracy that can go anywhere.

You’ll also need a portable air compressor to restore the PSI when the pressure gets low.

The Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor gives you inflation and deflation modes. It also comes with an LCD display that shows you the current pressure so that you can double check your readings. A helpful storage compartment lets you work with different nozzles, including a needle that lets you fill up balls and other sports equipment.

Would I Purchase the Honda 250SX?

The Honda ATC250SX is one of the best models that were ever produced for an ATV-style vehicle. It’s the perfect fusion of sports and utility, with well-loved models priced from around $1,800. Although it has some faults as a trike, it’s still a great all-purpose investment worth considering.

What I love about the 250SX is that it gives you a sporty look without being a racing machine. You get a five-speed auto clutch manual with the reverse, which is remarkably useful when you’re outside. The smaller tires and the rear differential ratio take a little to get used to using and there aren’t racks, but you don’t need that with a trail cruiser.

If you don’t mind putting in some extra work, you can get one for under $1,000. It’ll have a lot of wrong or missing parts, but you’ll have all the essentials.

The restoration option is a great choice for anyone who wants to add some speed to their rig. You can get above 60 miles per hour with the following changes.

  • Get an aftermarket pipe for the 250SX (Bassani makes the best ones).
  • Lighten up the front by switching to a 200X front end.
  • Use the 350X carb on the 250SX.
  • You’ll want a high-quality air filter that doesn’t impede the unit’s performance.

The wheels can also make a big difference when riding this trike. If you opt for a 22-inch style matched with an open-air box, you can achieve some impressive results.

Another issue to consider with speed is the rider’s weight. Someone on the big and tall side won’t reach the same results as an individual who is on the skinnier side.

When you purchase a used Honda 250SX, I highly recommend stripping down the carb to give it a thorough cleaning. You’d be surprised by how many owners run their vehicles without using or replacing the air filter.

Should the OEM ball bearings need some attention, a little grease will help everything start working like normal again.

I’d be happy to get a Honda 250SX at almost any price. If you can find one in excellent condition for about $3,500, you’ll have a great deal!


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