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The Best G37 Mods

The Best G37 Mods: Performance Boost Guide

If you loved driving the Nissan 350z back in the day, you likely thought about getting behind the wheel of the Infiniti G35.

That little car had plenty of “get up and go” without feeling pretentious. It was like driving an adult version of a high-performance car that wanted to treat an open stretch of highway like a racecourse.

The G35 wasn’t perfect. It went on a great run, but the look was dated with its mid-2000s vibe. Once you got to about 6,000 RPM, it felt like the car was ready to tap out. That didn’t make it fun to drive through the mountains, especially if you’re trying to beat a truck up to the summit.

When Infinity introduced the G37 in 2009, they worked to correct those issues. The vehicle would become something practical and modern to fulfill the needs of all drivers. 

The Best G37 Mods: Performance Boost Guide

The benefit of the Infiniti G37 is that it welcomes multiple modifications to enhance its performance. Popular choices include forced induction, turbo kits, superchargers, intake improvements, and exhaust upgrades. Coilovers are another option for those who want better handling.

Most vehicles benefit from a few modifications to improve their handling and performance. This investment is also a way to help the ride feel more customized to the needs of the driver.

Although the Infiniti G37 works well as a stock option, you can create significant improvements to how it functions with some of the best mods in the market today.

Here are the options you’ll want to consider if you’re looking to enhance the driving experience your G37 offers.

1. Forced Induction

A naturally aspirated engine can only provide you with so much power. If you want to unlock the full potential of the G37, you’ve got to go with forced induction. The VQ37HR is built for this change, allowing it to handle lots of power when you need it the most.

You have two options to consider when making this modification. By adding turbos or superchargers to the G37, you’ll force more air into the engine so that it delivers more power through a hotter combustion process.

If you use a stock G37 setup, you’ll get about 275 HP out of the engine with high-quality fuel. When you equip a turbo kit to the engine, you can add about 60 HP more to your configuration.

A complete turbo kit should include aftermarket exhaust headers, Catback exhaust, dual cold air intake, and intake manifold upgrades.

You’ll want to tune the software so that it recognizes these changes to provide the enhanced acceleration profile you want.

You can also purchase those parts separately.

The easiest way to add a turbo to your Infinity G37 is to grab an aftermarket kit tailored to the engine. If you want something more personalized, consider the MGGRP Universal 400 HP Turbo Kit with Wastegate. You can add whatever you want to your setup with this T3/T4 hybrid, providing up to 35 PSI in output capability.

A supercharger is the other forced induction option to improve the G37s performance. It won’t give you the same punch as a turbo, but the direct crankshaft installation makes it easier to maintain and more reliable to use for a casual driver.

2. Intake and Exhaust

The intake and exhaust for the Infinity G37 are responsible for the engine’s breathing. It’d be a fair comparison to call them your automotive lungs.

Think about how you take a deep breath. When you bring in all that fresh air, it makes your nose feel a little cold. As you expel the carbon dioxide, it feels warmer than what you just brought into your body.

The same thing happens with your Infiniti G37. Your intake is responsible for breathing in, while the exhaust breathes out.

Fuel burns when it mixes with the air your engine draws. It gets sprayed into the combustion chamber to create a mixture that the spark plugs ignite at the compression cycle.

Here are the mods to consider in this category if you’re looking for ways to have your G37 start functioning better.

  • Cold Air Intake. This popular modification improves the look of your engine bay, enhances the noise output, and stays affordable. The AFE Takeda Cold Air Intake System produces a gain of nearly 20 HP once equipped, along with 12 foot-pounds to the wheels. The dry filter cleans easily with soap and water, and no drilling or cutting is necessary to install the update.
  • Plenum. As part of the intake manifold, this pressurized chamber is responsible for connecting the intake to the engine. It uses spacers that increase the air volume within its chamber to reduce heat soak while drawing more air. The stock design works well for most upgrades, but it is an update worth considering.
  • Exhaust System. The headers in the G37s exhaust system often require an upgrade when pushing more horsepower out of the engine. This piping is the first place where the gasses pass while exiting the vehicle. By speeding up their release, you can generate a more efficient operating experience.
  • Catalytic Converter. You have the option to delete the catalytic converter to improve the performance of the G37. It delivers more power, increases your fuel economy, and creates wonderful sounds out the back. That also means you’d fail an emissions test. A high-flow option can reduce the restrictions some, but not all the way.
  • Test Pipes. Straight pipes are unrestricted and hollow, but they require the removal of the catalytic converter. It’s not likely legal to use this setup, but it will change how the G37 drives.

3. Upgraded Cooling System

When you want to get more power out of your Infiniti G37, you’ll end up producing more heat while operating. Without modifications to the cooling system, you might not see the gains you hope to achieve.

The factory setup is meant to work with the stock parts only. If you enhance the performance with various mods, including forced induction, you’ll need to focus on this area at some point.

When the G37’s engine experiences more heat than it likes, it becomes less reliable. Here are the ways that you can reduce problems in this space.

  • Radiator Upgrade. A high-performance radiator is necessary to maximize the horsepower gains for the G37. This mod is designed to handle higher temps without sacrificing performance. Even if you don’t push the envelope with your engine, it might help to invest in this upgrade if you live somewhere with hot temperatures throughout the year.
  • Oil Cooler Kit. When oil receives constant exposure to heat, it starts to degrade faster. When that happens, the lubricating atoms start breaking apart, increasing the friction you experience while behind the wheel. This component acts like a separate “radiator” for the engine oil to maintain its quality. The Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit delivers fantastic results by using a 19-row, stacked-place design to maximize fluid temperature reduction while being backed by a lifetime warranty.

4. ECU Tuning and Upgrade

Modern vehicles come with an electronic control unit, or ECU, that controls all the vital systemic functions. That includes the valve timing, ABS, fuel injection, and traction.

When modding your Infiniti G37, you must let the ECU know that something other than standard specs is coming to it.

With the right tuning and flash mod, you will notice better throttle control with the engine. Most drivers experience improvements in the fuel economy as well. This step ensures that you can have all the performance upgrades working as intended.

Pedal Commander provides an excellent option for some G37 models from 2007 to 2015. It isn’t compatible with adaptive cruise control, but it does provide faster acceleration at the pedal.

You’ll have access to 36 different adjustable settings, including an Eco mode for enhancing your city-based fuel economy. It’s possible to increase your MPG by 20% with this investment.

With Pedal Commander, you have a plug-and-play device that takes about five minutes to install. Nine adjustable settings are there to fine-tune the engine curve to whatever style you prefer.

5. Suspension Upgrades

The suspension is what encourages your G37 to ride consistently while feeling great as you maneuver around bends and curves. How it is tuned depends on the overall experience you’ll receive behind the wheel.

Suspension tuning as an Infiniti G37 mod ensures your stiffness settings and ride height are what you want them to be.

Once you finish your mods in this category, the G37 tends to look a touch meaner while giving you the handles you want. Five options are available to review.

CoiloversWhen upgrading to this suspension component, you’ll have the damper and spring combined into a single unit. This design element eliminates compatibility issues, ensuring that the mods work straight from the box. Multiple adjustability levels are available to let you create the ride you want.
Lowering the SpringsLower springs are ideal for the Infiniti G37 if you want to improve weight transfer and get lower to the ground. This mod doesn’t allow for much fine-tuning, but you’ll get a high-performance feel without needing to tweak other suspension elements.
Sway BarsThis update provides one of the best pound-for-pound deals you can find when modding a G37. It gives you more stiffness in the suspension for going around corners, reducing traction loss and body roll. Anyone who tracks their car will see time improvements, and you’ll notice the extra control at highway speeds right away.
Air SuspensionInstead of using the traditional coils with the G37, this upgrade uses struts with air-filled bags. It inflates or deflates to change vehicle height at your discretion. With a simple button push, you can change your appearance. It’s a fun way to create a slammed look at car shows while tuning to a performance setup for regular driving needs.
Strut BarsOnce your build is complete, adding this modification is like the extra icing you get on a slice of birthday cake. It creates a lateral strut tower connection to increase the chassis stiffness, improving how the vehicle handles during heavy cornering.

6. Camber Kits

The entire G series from Infiniti can benefit from this particular upgrade. If you plan to lower the G37 and want to fine-tune your wheel camber, it’s a must-have mod.

It’ll be easier to install a camber kit if you’re upgrading your suspension. This upgrade works with coilovers and other aftermarket parts to give you more wheel travel. That makes it easier to drop the vehicle low without creating an uncomfortable setup.

Some kits only focus on the front or the rear, so you’ll need to ensure a complete upgrade becomes available.

The KSP set gives you the right amount of adjustable toe to ensure you receive a positive outcome while directly replacing the OEM arms.

7. Wheels

A great set of wheels does more than help your Infiniti G37 handle better when you’re on the road. It also improves the way it looks.

Although wheel upgrades are usually focused on appearance more than handling, you’ll find that the potential benefits can open new opportunities to enjoy. It is possible to upgrade your tires at this point, update suspension components, or change your stance to something more preferred.

When looking at this modification possibility, it helps to review the fitment for the G37. You’ll need to choose a hub bore, bolt pattern, width, and diameter within the recommended settings to avoid any problems.

Additional adjustments are possible, but you might need to make other changes to the body to make the vehicle drivable.

The G37 sedan uses 19- or 20-inch wheels with the front at 9.5 + 30, and the rear is at 10 + 35.

If you drive the coupe, the front is at 9.5 + 30, and the rear is at 10.5 + 35.

Both options use the 5 x 4.5-inch bolt pattern (5 x 114.3 mm).

After upgrading the wheels, you’ll want tires to match. The best option here depends on the speeds and handling you need while driving.

If you plan to top 100 MPH or more, the rubber rating must be able to accommodate it. Many retail tires tap out before reaching that level, so pushing them beyond their limits could result in a blowout occurring.

How Long Does It Take to Mod an Infiniti G37?

Most modifications for the Infiniti G37 take about one or two hours to complete. Extensive changes might take three or four hours, while others could require the help of a trusted professional. Drivers who plan to keep their vehicle drive-worthy on the street should only make legal mods to remain compliant.

One of my favorite memories while growing up involved taking rides in a Nissan 350z with my best friend. His father used to run the car down the country roads in the evening when no one else would be around, so we’d top 90 MPH while hitting the curves hard.

Those evenings out there, windows down, smelling the evening air with the thrill of high speeds is what led me to fall in love with racing.

I didn’t think anything would compare to the 350z experience, but the Infiniti G37 certainly does with the right set of mods.

After growing up, I moved to the coast. Getting the chance to race down the roads that run parallel to the ocean, with the salty air coming in, reminds me of those evenings each time I take out the car.

Whether you’re creating a setup for the track or want to maximize street performance, these options are the best you can find out there today. Invest in the ones that make the most sense for your needs to have even more control when you’re ready to get behind the wheel.


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