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What Is the Difference Between Obsidian and Caviar Exterior?

What Is the Difference Between Obsidian and Caviar Exterior?

Lexus offers one of the most comfortable interiors you can find in the automotive industry today. When you get behind the wheel to drive, the seats are soft and supportive.

Depending on the package you select, several upgrades could be part of the user experience. You even have the chance to choose colors, including popular ones like Obsidian and Caviar.

Although it can be incredible to have a dark Lexus exterior, it can also create unique cleaning challenges to address to have the interior match.

What Is the Difference Between Obsidian and Caviar Exterior?

Lexus provides two exterior options that offer a beautiful black result. They are called “Obsidian” and “Caviar,” with each providing specific benefits to consider. Obsidian is darker overall, while Caviar provides a metallic sheen that catches one’s attention while hiding imperfections better.

Although dark and light exteriors tend to be the most challenging to keep clean, they’re also the most attractive options out there when they receive the attention they deserve.

Two of the most popular dark exterior color options from Lexus are Obsidian Black and Caviar Black.

The difference between these two colors involves the metallic flakes found in Caviar, along with tones that make it a slightly lighter shade.

When you see Caviar in the sun, it can turn to something closer to gray while having a bit of sparkle and shine reflecting in the light.

Obsidian is dark at all times, in all light conditions, and at all angles. It’s one of the deepest, truest color options you can find in the automotive industry today.

Beyond the shading and addition of metallic components, the primary difference between Obsidian and Caviar to consider as a vehicle owner is how it hides imperfections, dust, and debris. Caviar is slightly better, although far from perfect, which could be a turning point for some owners.

How to Detail Your Lexus Like a Pro at Home

When you want to get the most luxury possible from your Lexus, it’s crucial to keep the interior clean as much as your Obsidian or Caviar exterior.

If you have dark interiors, the dirt and dust will show up immediately, just as they do on the vehicle’s exterior.

If you want to clean your car instead of taking it to a local detailing shop, all you need is a dry day and some cleaning products to get the job done.

The average price of professional detailing services in some communities is more than $200. You can spend less than that to get the supplies you need to do the work yourself at a similar quality.

Here are the items you’ll want to have available if it’s time for your Lexus to return to a showroom-fresh condition.

Item NeededHow This Item Helps with Detailing
Garbage BagsMost vehicles become trash collectors when they aren’t cleaned regularly. The most common place for items to collect is underneath the seats. When you have garbage bags or a trash bin available, you can empty your vehicle effectively.   It helps to have a second container available to keep things that stay in your car or need to come into your home. The goal is to keep everything out that you’re taking out to do the detailing work.
Vacuum CleanerA high-quality vacuum cleaner provides enough suction to remove the dirt and debris that collects in your Lexus from your shoes. You’ll see sand and pebbles eventually congregate on the driver’s side if the flooring doesn’t receive attention. It helps to use a unit that comes with multiple wand sizes to reach all the interior nooks and crannies.
Microfiber ClothsA microfiber cloth is less likely to leave lint or streaks behind. It’s a highly absorbent material that generates less waste than paper towels while providing a similar result. Try to use different colors to indicate whether they’re used for water, chemicals, or drying to avoid unwanted mix-and-match scenarios.
Buckets and PailsA five-gallon bucket that you can fill with warm water will help with the washing and rinsing process. You might consider having a second smaller option for specific tasks. When performing the detailing work, keep the bucket outside to prevent spills from happening.
Isopropyl AlcoholThis product helps you remove stains while cleaning high-touch areas inside the vehicle. It helps to have small cotton swabs available to wipe underneath switches and toggles or to wipe down knobs.
Scrub BrushYou’ll be scrubbing your floors and upholstered seats when doing the detailing work for your Lexus. Don’t scrub leather – it needs special cleaner and tools to ensure the surface stays intact and beautiful.
Dish SoapSome liquid dish soap can remove grease and other unwanted stains without the need to invest in more expensive chemicals. Only use the chemical removers when this product doesn’t have the power to get the job finished.

Once you have all the supplies needed for a successful detailing experience, you’ll be ready to begin the work of improving your interior to match the Obsidian or Caviar exterior.

Steps to Follow When Detailing Your Lexus Interior

Although cleaning the interior of your vehicle takes some time, it can also be a rewarding experience! It only takes about an hour to complete the job, and that’s assuming the vehicle never received this service before.

When you can stay on top of your detailing needs, it only takes between 20 to 40 minutes to complete the work.

Here are the steps to follow when you’re ready to tackle this chore.

1. Empty the Vehicle

It helps to start your cleaning process by removing all the trash first. These items should go into a designated bin or container. You can have a second bag or box available to hold things you plan to keep that are inside the Lexus, like a watch or some earrings you found.

The goal is to empty your vehicle of all extra items. If you’ve made aftermarket changes, like adding a phone holder to your dash, those things can stay. You’re trying to get rid of the trash, recyclables, and what you want to take inside your home during this step.

2. Start Cleaning the Soft Surfaces

After the Lexus is free from trash, you can start working on the soft surfaces. The goal is to move dirt in and down, which means starting at the bottom and working your way to the top.

Why the bottom? Most vehicles come with floor mats. You’ll want to vacuum these thoroughly, then remove them from the car. If they have stains to remove, apply an appropriate cleanser. Another option is to spray them with a hose or a pressure washer.

After you’ve cleaned the rugs, return to the vehicle. Clean the ceiling, then take care of the seat. Once you’ve finished with those soft surfaces, you can get underneath each seat.

Move them forward and back to ensure you can vacuum and scrub the floor as much as possible.

Once you’ve finished cleaning underneath the seats, you can finish with the floor that sits underneath your rugs.

Before finishing this step, it helps to inspect the gaps in the interior. Use a crevice attachment to get between the consoles, the door and each seat, and similar spaces.

You might need to use a toothbrush to scrub the grime that collects in high-touch areas that don’t receive much cleaning attention.

3. Clean the Hard Surfaces

Once your soft surfaces are clean and free of stains, it’s time to tackle the harder ones when detailing your Lexus. This step has four points to consider to ensure the work gets done effectively.

  • Dust First. The brush attachment for your vacuum can take care of the collected dust in most areas of your vehicle. You’ll want to pay close attention to the dashboard and console, along with the cup holders. These areas tend to see the most grime development.
  • Wash Second. You’ll need to fill your bucket with warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap to create a cleaning solution. Use the liquid to wash all hard surfaces that don’t connect to electronics. Your door handles, steering wheel, and non-glass surfaces feature in this step.
  • Windows Third. Wash your windows at this step, removing any fingerprints and streaks that appear on the inside. If you smoke, you’ll need to use a microfiber cloth to remove the nicotine and other materials that coat the inside of the glass.
  • Polish Fourth. If you want to make your vinyl and leather shine after your detailing work is finished, tackle this step last. It’s ideal to apply an appropriate product when everything is clean. Spray the polish on a microfiber towel, then apply to the surface. Use small circles and a little force to buff the polisher into the materials. Car Guys Premium Series Super Cleaner is a versatile product to consider using for this step.

4. Remove the Additional Stains

Most stains will come out when you vacuum and wash them. Stubborn ones might need a little extra grease.

The first option for removing stains is to use some soapy water with a clean microfiber cloth. Scrub away at it, working in circular motions from the outside toward the center. If you use vertical strokes, it can cause the offending material to spread.

The interior fabric shouldn’t be submerged in water. You don’t want to soak it out.

When the stain doesn’t come out after scrubbing on your seats, a little isopropyl alcohol can help get the job done. Blot at the stain instead of rubbing it.

If you have stains on the floor, soapy water can remove most of them. Don’t soak the materials because mildew and mold can develop if it stays wet. A stiff brush can work sticky stuff out of the fibers that could be causing the discoloration.

5. Be Proactive About Keeping It Clean

It isn’t easy to keep your Lexus clean if you live out of your vehicle. When you’re hopping in and out on quick trips, some stuff gets tracked in there right away.

Try to think of your interior storage as something other than a place to keep things. If you’re in an accident, all loose items become sudden projectiles! Take everything inside whenever possible and try to get into the habit of vacuuming and cleaning about once per week instead of detailing all the time.

If you have pets that travel with you, their fur can get stuck in the upholstery and floor mats. You’ll need to brush it out to have the hair removed.

You can also try using a moist squeegee on the carpet to loosen the fur so that it is easier to manage.

Obsidian vs. Caviar: Which Is Better?

Drivers who prefer a dark exterior will choose Obsidian because it delivers consistent results in all conditions. Although slightly prone to fading, high-quality paint protection films can prevent that issue. Caviar is the best choice for those who love metallic components and need exteriors that hide imperfections.

I live in my car a lot. If I’m not driving to work, I’m going to a seminar, a conference, or spending a weekend at the beach. When you don’t have time to stop for a meal, you’re eating while driving.

I try to control the mess by always keeping a small trash bag with me. By keeping the garbage limited to one space, it’s much easier to stay on top of the mess. When I arrive at my destination, the trash gets tossed, and I start a new one.

I’ve also gotten into the practice of keeping some microfiber towels in the vehicle to handle emergencies. A little water and a soap bar aren’t as effective as warm water and liquid dish soap, but they can prevent stains.

As for the cup holder issue, I keep cupcake liners in there to prevent sticky messes from developing.

A clean and organized car feels terrific. It also makes your Obsidian or Caviar exterior feel like it just came off the showroom floor.


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